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Some models of Indian Railway locos

These are some of the models that Raman Chitale and Suresh Rao have built. They are associated with the Model Railway Society of Pune (MRSP).

The pictures are by Dr. Shirish Yande.

Image29.jpg (100768 bytes)

Image30.jpg (106084 bytes)

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Image33.jpg (67647 bytes)

Treasure of Pune ! This is a 1/20 scale WP hand crafted from brass. It is in exhibit at the Museum of Miniature Railways complete with three carriages.


Image34.jpg (83092 bytes)

Is it a WDM 2 or is it a WDM 2 ? This is one of 50 or so brass WDM 2 models made by Raman and Suresh and sold to organisations such as KR, CR, WR and the mother of them all, the DLW.

Image36.jpg (64384 bytes)

The view from the other side.
Image35.jpg (101629 bytes) Image37.jpg (130287 bytes) Image41.jpg (61228 bytes)
Image38.jpg (107849 bytes) Image39.jpg (107223 bytes) The short and long (hood) of it. These are the colours of the upcoming KR's Verna shed at Goa. The livery is authentic but the wild serial number... !

Image43.jpg (91759 bytes)

Image44.jpg (89762 bytes) Image45.jpg (58939 bytes) There are more than one ! The last picture is with  Dr. Ravi Joshi of Joshi's Miniature Railways for an idea of the scale of the locos.

Raman can be emailed c/o Dr. Shirish Yande, or can be contacted at: +91-20-332685.  


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