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The WDS 4 Shunter

These are some pictures of the humble WDS 4 shunter found in great numbers all over the Indian Railways. All pictures courtesy of  Dr. Shirish Yande

These pics are from a trip Shirish, Mayura, Raman and yours truly had of  Roha on the Konkan Railways in 1992.

Image24.jpg (142111 bytes) The Kurla shed WDS 4B 19598 at Roha. WDS 4 is a Diesel Hydraulic shunter with a 700 HP MAK engine. The WDS 4 has a two speed gear box (Full speed = 16 kmph or 65 kmph) for shunting and trip duties. This loco has been used in the latter mode hauling this Diva Roha shuttle for a round trip of 206 Kms.
Image25.jpg (137462 bytes) The loco has a 'C' wheel arrangement with siderod drive from a single large hydraulic motor to the wheels. Here is Raman and Apurva casting appreciating glances towards an unsung locomotive. Note the CBC / Hook coupling combo found commonly on the IR. Also note the automotive fog light which proxies for a 'flasher' light, mandatory on all IR locomotives. As the loco continuously moves back and forth in a shunting yard, often the marker lamps on the buffer beam sport one white and one red lens. The colour of the marker lamp can be changed by the knob under the lamp body. Only just visible is the high platform for the driver. The control is a large vertical wheel which is rotated in one direction for forward and the other for reverse. There is a mechanical latch to prevent the loco moving in 'neutral'.
Image26.jpg (114103 bytes) Shirish and his daughter Mayura pose in front of the beast.   The lovely windscreen is bifurcated by a pillar which must have hidden the exhaust in the original German loco. The WDS 4 exhaust is found elsewhere on top of the long hood. The prime mover sound is strangely incomplete and muffled.
Image27.jpg (102367 bytes) More posing with the loco, there were no other more glamorous railway activity at Roha in those days. Note the stone on the catwalk, these are found on many locos to prevent stabled rakes from rolling, or may be to jam the door open to let in cool breeze.
Image28.jpg (127243 bytes) The MAK prime mover and the torque converter is in the long hood. The short hood contains the radiator, it's fan and the batteries. Note the 'gallery' in front of the loco on which one can stand and look really grand as the loco shunts in a yard.   The second 'wheel' from right is the torque converter output disk. It does not have a flange or touch the rails. Also note the siderods. The hydraulic transmission of this loco allows the engine speed to rise a moment before the loco actually starts moving.  


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