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Images from Bhusawal

These are pictures from the 1990 trip of the  Model Railway Society of Pune (MRSP) to Bhusawal (BSL). All pictures by Dr. Shirish Yande.  

Image1.jpg (121935 bytes) This is Pachora, 70 Kms on the way to BSL. The NG train to Jamner stands on the right.
Image2.jpg (87315 bytes) View of the BSL Jn. building. This is a typical a small town of immense railway importance. Note the quaint horse buggy.
Image3.jpg (112569 bytes) This is the Pune WDM2 18605 which has hauled the 7383 Dn. Maharashtra express from Pune to BSL. Electric power is used to haul this train from BSL to its final destination Nagpur (today it runs to Gondia). The assistant driver looks the typical hefty ex-steam type. 
Image4.jpg (112938 bytes) The sprawling BSL station yard. 
Image5.jpg (143807 bytes) BSL shed WAG 2 # 20809 reversing  to couple to its load on the platform. The WG on the platform is ready to start its train. 
Image6.jpg (107203 bytes) WG on the platform
Image7.jpg (106535 bytes) WG starts its train, the fireman shows the green flag.
Image8.jpg (103543 bytes) A view of the departing passenger train.
Image9.jpg (128170 bytes) Thundering Jhansi WDM 2 # 17562 brings in a train into BSL. The location is 2 Kms out of BSL Jn (km 445). This is near the marshalling yard on the right and loco shed on the left.
Image22.jpg (109877 bytes) WP 7709 receives attention at the steam shed. The top part of the cylinder is opened, while a WG waits on the left. The lack of a 'star' on the WP somewhat reduces its appeal. 
Image12.jpg (113652 bytes) A side view of the WP 7709. The loco is using different types of main wheels, as is expected of a shed in the waning years of steam.
Image13.jpg (118350 bytes) Another view of WP 7709
Image15.jpg (103856 bytes) View forward from the fireman's position on WG 9546. Notice warns the electric powers not to venture on unwired territory in the yard.
Image14.jpg (117879 bytes) Another view of WG 9546.
Image10.jpg (98100 bytes) Coaling line with a steam crane feeds a WP with a classic star on it's nose. This loco has a nameplate 'Agni' (fire !)
Image11.jpg (98586 bytes) A WG hauls a mixed passenger past the WP and the coaling line.
Image16.jpg (119964 bytes) The plinthed B/1 NG loco # 766 at the training institute. This power is retired from the Murtizapur - Yavatmal line under BSL division.
Image17.jpg (72361 bytes) Members of the MRSP have a field day on the B/1 loco.
Image18.jpg (89802 bytes) The model room in BSL. 
Image19.jpg (72620 bytes) The principles of block section and signaling being taught at the model room.
Image20.jpg (91149 bytes) Model of a WAM 2 waits for the signal to change..
Image21.jpg (81585 bytes) ... and moves !


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