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Konkan Railway (KR) timetable of July 2001. 

This is the smallest official time table of the IR - just an A 4 sheet printed on both sides.  

Page 1 of the KRtt - this contains the passenger trains in the section and the SCR trains that use the MAO - MJO section of the KR in Goa. Click on the tables, map and the cover for an enlarged view. 

Translation of the contact info - 

Shri. B. Rajaram (General Manager), 

Dr. K.K. Gokhale (Chief Operations Manager), 

Shri. P.B. Murthy (Chief Passenger Transporation Manager), 

Shri. S.B. Ingale (Chief Commerial Manager), 

Shri. Laxmi Narayan (Chief of Vigilance Officer) - Tel 91-22-7579951 (office)/ 91-22-2024596 (res), 

Smt. Vaishali Patgar (Public Relation Officer) - Tel 91-22-7561085. 

Konkan Railways Corporation Limited - Belapur Bhawan, Sector 11, CBD, Belapur 400614. Tel: 91-22-7572015-18  Fax: 91-22-7572420  email:

kr2rcol.jpg (416532 bytes) Page 2 of the KR tt (400 Kb). This list the mail/express trains on the North and South KR. 


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