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Images from Bangalore (SBC) station

Some pics from a visit to Bangalore 10th-15th Oct 2001

sbc.jpg (75139 bytes) A view of the Bangalore City station yard, from left to right, Rani Chenamma Exp, HHPDEMU, Rajdhani Exp and SBC - JU Express. These are the lines furthest away from the main entrance and pf 1. Pit lines, C&W facilities and diesel refueling points are all here.
sbc1.jpg (75258 bytes) Having arrived from Secunderabad (SC) on the overnight 7085 express, the Kazipet (KZJ) shed's baldie WDM 2C # 14032 waits all day at the SBC station to haul the return 7086 SBC - SC express in the evening.
sbc2.jpg (65588 bytes) Krishnarajapuram (KJM) WDM 2A # 17437 with the SBC - Tumkur passenger. In the C&W yard is a spare HHPDEMU trailer coach.
sbc3.jpg (49826 bytes) The SBC - Hindupur (HUP) HHPDEMU ready to depart at 1845 hrs. This rake will return to SBC the next morning at 0930 hrs. The rake consists of two driving power cars (DPC) with 1400 HP diesel electric power pack at either end and six trailer coaches (TC) in between. Also available in the DEMU family are unpowered driving trailer cars (DTC) when you have a four coach rake with one DPC at the other end. .
int1.jpg (47195 bytes) The cab of the HHPDEMU. Items from the left - the recording speedo with a digital clock, wiper on/off toggle (with an angled lever) below the speedo, the signal bell buttons (the guard and the driver communicate with a bell code like an EMU) on the flat surface below the wiper toggle, the A9 (train brake) and SA9 (loco brake) levers and three brake related gauges, angled throttle lever (this has to be operated against spring pressure ( this is the dead man's lever - to prevent operation in the case of an incapacitated driver) and rotated through the eight notches, the shiny post on which the (now missing) spanner like 'forward off reverse' lever is fitted, the visual annunciator in front of the throttle with indications of normal and abnormal conditions, wiper actuator below the windscreen, switch group for operating all the electrical conditions (including starting multiple engines in a DEMU rake), the master air reservoir gauge (round black face), loadmeter gauge (white rectangular face), the motor cutout switch (small rotary switch on the right corner). The horn is operated by a foot operated valve. DEMUs are designed to be worked with a single operator (no assistant driver).
int.jpg (91249 bytes) The engine room directly behind the driver's cab - The green Cummins KV 16 prime mover (derated to 1400 HP, V16), the BHEL traction alternator, exhaust plumbing (silver), air intake (black) from the radiator room (behind the far side wall), the belt driven Elgi air compressor with the shiny can type air filter and the heat exchanger and the red piping leading to a hydraulic engine room ventilation fan set in the roof. Towards the right of this location (on the other side of the alternator) is a KEC 110 V Alternator (also belt driven from the prime mover) which is used to charge the lighting batteries of the HHPDEMU rake. The power car has four traction motors and the main rectifier is located underfloor. The snappy acceleration of the HHPDEMU comes from the high power to weight ratio and the electronic governor for the engine/ alternator. The entire rake has a self leveling pneumatic suspension. The radiator room contain the side mounted radiator screens with two powerful 40 " hydraulic radiator vent fans in the roof.

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