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Images from the 6530 Udyan on the return trip

Some pics from a visit to Bangalore 10th-15th Oct 2001

6502.jpg (60904 bytes) 6502_1.jpg (58284 bytes) The loud horn of the ADI - SBC 6502 express sends janata on the ground scurrying into their coach at Jinti Road
shakti.jpg (134109 bytes) A Gooty WDG 2 in an unusual purple and cream livery - the name 'Shakti' is written on the side. This is the Solapur station and the WDG 2 is hauling a long rake of empty flats towards Hotgi Jn.
washimbe.jpg (148314 bytes) The platforms and tracks at Washimbe are at a lower level, while the station master's cabin is at a higher level. This extended platform is used by the staff for exchanging signals with passing trains.
brmt.jpg (120659 bytes) Pune WDM 2C diverts on the Baramati branch with the Pune - BRMT passenger. As evident from the from the twin brake pipes, this rake and most of the PA - DD and PA - BRMT passengers are now converted to air brakes.
6530.jpg (116433 bytes) 6530_1.jpg (106036 bytes) The KJM baldie WDM 2C # 14047 hauled the 6430 from SBC till PA. Now it is ready to depart for Mumbai after a 10 minute halt. My wife Shyama can be seen in the first picture.
6530_2.jpg (87061 bytes) 6530_3.jpg (83024 bytes) Details of the 14047. The loco has ordinary stool type seats but with left hand driving position.
14047.jpg (104120 bytes) Here is the 14047 hauling the 6530 on another day, however this time it is long hood leading. The 6529/30 is diesel hauled all the way between Mumbai and SBC on both the up and down journeys.

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