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Pictures from trip to Rajkot

These are some pictures from Dr. Shirish Yande's 1993 trip to and from Rajkot.

Image1.jpg (123214 bytes) 9005 Dn. Okha bound Saurashtra Mail slows down to stop at Wankaner
Image2.jpg (114739 bytes) Entering the Platform 1 at Wankaner
Image3.jpg (129805 bytes) As the 9005 waits on the BG platform, Shirish clicks the YG 4089 on the MG side of Wankaner
Image5.jpg (122034 bytes) YG 4098 draws closer. I visited WKR after 6 years in Jan, and there is hardly any change.
Image6.jpg (107684 bytes) The Gujarathi text on the smoke deflector is a call for 'Hadtal' - strike (industrial action) !
Image7.jpg (89491 bytes) The idyllic MG terminus at Surendranagar - how I wish we had a peaceful MG station at Pune.
Image9.jpg (334301 bytes) Sabarmati shed YDM 3 # 6056 waits silently at Surendranagar
Image10.jpg (117005 bytes) One more view of the EMD power, I am particularly enamoured by the small 'belly bulge' at the buffer beam to form the lower part of the cab. I also like the lovely classification lamps and the rakish horn trumpet.
Image11.jpg (105951 bytes) Katni shed WDM 2 # 18982 hauls a BCN load past a level crossing. The vibration has opened one of the hood doors, obstructing the drivers line of sight. The train cannot be stopped for such a small reason and the door will be secured only at the next stop.
Image12.jpg (101537 bytes) The BCN rake speeds by. The location is near Wankaner (WKR = km 696), while this is km 707. The tough vegetation  is typical of the arid area.
Image15.jpg (115009 bytes) More steam power  at Wankaner on the way back from Rajkot. Again Shirish runs across to the MG side of the station while his 9018 Up Saurashtra Janata waits on the BG side.
Image16.jpg (84785 bytes) YG 4138 with a classic round shell headlight.
Image17.jpg (96823 bytes) The gantry near the YG is used to fill the water tanks of the MG rake.
Image18.jpg (90544 bytes) View from the front. The MG breakdown rake on the right.
Image13.jpg (99390 bytes) On the WDM 2 footplate, the 9018 Up gets a 'Starter Right' at Wankaner. The TK wagons on the left have watering gantries on top ! These carry drinking water to the arid areas of Saurashtra.
Image14.jpg (110609 bytes) 'Advanced starter right' for the 9018 as it thunders out of WKR towards Viramgam Jn. 'Long hood leading' is my favourite position for footplating. The lively response and sounds from the massive engine in the front makes up for the lack of vision. 


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